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About Us

SNP Automotive is the place where thousands of vehicle and people from many countries over the world can get quality and fast service and also get satisfaction and variety of service. SNP Automotive was established in 1982 when competitive environments accelerated with the globalization. In these years when investments on branding became important in Turkey, SNP Automotive determined customer satisfaction business as a principle.

SNP that carries out manufacturing and exportation of spare parts for worldwide known brands had a vertical growing with innovative structure in step with developing technology. SNP Automotive progressively aiming for going up without compromising principles provides thousands of customer from 5 continents, 55 different countries, with quality products.

SNP products having world-embracing exercised, quality and competitive prices are used by many worldwide known transportation companies.

In the leadership of Design and R&D Department in SNP Automotive, project teams create engineering planning. The design of new products is created by using past experiences, competitor analysis and feedbacks from customers.

Each product being brought into use is a symbol of development, each tribute gained is the symbol of SNP quality. By the revolutionary way of work in the global market, SNP provides demanding customers with the products carrying their own brands. The logos sent by the customers are pressed onto the products, and also customer-specific packages are being created. In addition to such products, promotional materials with customers' logo can be created as well.

Thanks to highly sensitive controls, process and performance tests from raw material to end products, SNP carries out design verification. As an indication of this sensitive period, SNP has ISO, TÜV, SASO and COC certificates. In many countries over the world, the importation and sales of the products without such certificates is forbidden. Thus SNP Automotive provides all these required certificates for the customers.

End products are packed in stock warehouses with comprehensive, coded and regular rack system conforming to standards, and then delivered to the customers. These stock warehouses are the basis of the fast delivery success SNP prides.

In the sector expos, SNP Automotive offers newest products to customers, and reaches new business partnerships thanks to faith and ambition to work.

We hope to reach better tomorrows with modern management mentality, professional team and business partners all over the world.

SNP Automotive.